Shoot for the Highlights – Process for the Shadows

One of the most important fundamentals that you need to learn and apply is to shoot to properly capture the highlights, and then later develop to bring out the shadow detail. If you overexpose the highlight detail it can not be recovered. So learn to read your histogram in the field and confirm that you are capturing a quality RAW file. When you return from your day of shooting you need a Post-Processing tool that is up to the task of developing your quality RAW files. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (Lightroom) is that tool. Even if you are not shooting in RAW, Lightroom is the Program I recommend to all serious hobbyists. It has great organizational tools, and great options for sharing slideshows. This weekend I kick off my 4 workshop series of Lightroom training designed to help you learn your way around the program. It is as complicated piece of software, but well worth the effort to have access to the powerful adjustments it affords you. If you want to learn more about the workshop check out the details here.

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