DxO buys nik collection from Google, my favorite software editing filters may live on a little longer

Close-up view of a Dandelion
While I don’t like to find them in my yard, I do enjoy photographing Dandelions.


I first became aware of nik filters in January of 2009 when I attended my first Imaging USA trade show. Professional Photographers of America hosts the annual show and the trade show is akin to a photographer’s heaven. I quickly became a huge fan of the power and versatility nik packed into each of their programs. Then a few years ago google bought out nik. At first all was good, google dropped the price of the nik collection and who can argue with saving money. But last year google announced that they were no longer going to support or update the nik collection. This was of course, we feared, the start of an eventual death of the nik collection.

However, DxO Labs has announced the acquisition of the nik collection and the associated u-point technology, which makes the programs so unique and powerful. We will have to wait and see what this means in the long term, but at least there is hope that the best editing tools on the market will get an update and continue on for years to come.


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