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One Light, many different looks

Initial Setup with light in front washing over the flowers and lighting the white wall at the same time. I held a Macro Flower and Still Life workshop in early March. I have been playing with the flowers on and off since that workshop. Today I decided to write a blog post showing how with… Continue Reading

How varying Lighting Modifiers makes all the difference with Studio Lighting

Lighting Modifiers

Studio Lighting provides the opportunity to shoot excellent quality images indoors without having to resort to high ISO and the image degradation associated with it. You don’t have to make a significant investment to get started with studio lighting. Most starter kits include 1-2 lights and some type of basic modifier. Over time you can… Continue Reading

Expose for the Highlights; Develop for the Shadows

Expose for the Highlights; Develop for the Shadows

I started in photography in the late 70’s. I was taught early on to expose for the highlights and then develop (print) for the shadows. The same principles hold true today in the digital era. If you over expose your highlights you will irrevocably lose detail in the brightest areas of your image. I pay… Continue Reading