Professional Pet Photography


Owner and dog on the Paint Creek Trail

Owner photographed with their dog in a natural setting along the trail.

Capture timeless images of your Pet with Bob DiTommaso!  Bob will host your pet in the studio for a formal portrait or come to your home, barn, or local park to capture your pet in action!  Bob will capture candid and posed images you will treasure for a lifetime.

young boy photographed outside his home with his pet dog.

Photos taken in or around your home show the role your pet plays in your daily life.

The portrait can include your pet(s) and their humans or just focus on your pet.  Whether you have a new puppy, kitten, foal or bird, Bob can capture those early moments in their life.

Girl and horse silhouetted against the long walkway of the stable

Bob specializes in capturing those special moments between owners and their pets.

Do you show your horse?  Bob can attend the local competition and capture you and your horse in action!

Your Pet Portrait can be personalized – it can include the digital images, framed portrait or many other options.  There is no change in the charge if you have 1 dog or 3 dogs and a cat!

Owner and horse galloping around the ring.

If you are riding, it should look like it! Bob can capture images with a definitive feel of action.

The Pet Portraits starting from $149 – this includes $100 studio credit toward whatever you purchase – prints, framed wall portraits, albums, etc.  Call the studio and schedule your Pet Portrait today!


Blue yellow and green feather detail

The ability to get close helps to capture the Tropical bird feather details that you love so much.

Puppies are amazingly cute ,but oh so active. It takes skill and experience to capture them at their best.

They are only little for the briefest of moments.